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2017-09-22 21:21:14 by IMPKing6

So, back at it again with the shoutouts. Sorry I haven't done one of these in a while, it's kind of hard to when almost everything in the unscouted list is garbage (Sorry, it's just the truth). So, here are 2 people that I found.

My first person is Axium101. I found him on the unscouted list by accident, and thank god I did. He only made one song, and for his first's a blast. I'll leave the listening and judging to you guys who actually read these.

My second person MOProduction. MOProduction is actually a group of people. How many people there are I'm not totally sure of. They only have 5 fans (including me), and for the music they make, that's a super low number. Personally, my favorite song from them is Imaginate, but as I said in my last Shoutout session, that's my own opinion.

Well, I hope you like these shoutout things. Leave a comment, review, or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, if you want more of these little segments. Also, I might do a QnA at some point, so look out for that.

Reminder, none of the people I give shoutouts to ask for it. I may hint at it, but don't ask me to give you a shoutout. Your chances of getting one will drip drop down to 0, even if your songs are badass.

~ Fyr




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2018-01-03 08:12:41

Actually, that M.O.P. guy is a user I banned not long ago for submitting multiple versions of the same projects for God knows what. Then he started creating a bunch of accounts to post earrape and threatened to kill me, lol. All in a day's work. But he's not a bad producer otherwise.

IMPKing6 responds:

Oh wow...I guess he's not the best person ever. Still makes good music though.


2018-01-05 16:33:53

Yeah. To be fair I pissed him off catching him doing the same crap across multiple alts and I think he just got really, really steamed and it went too far.

IMPKing6 responds:

I guess you can say that lol.