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2017-07-14 02:05:55 by IMPKing6

So...I'm dedicating this news post to giving 3 people shoutouts. 2 of them aren't that well known and were found by me on the Unscouted list. The other is more popular than me, but still needs to be noticed.

Shoutout 1:
My first shoutout goes to WR4ITHMUSIC. I found him on the Unscouted list. He makes great music for a beginner and has even better potential. He makes really good Riddim basses, which I personally like. Might even call him Riddim Jr at some point.

Shoutout 2:
My second shoutout goes to F0RMI. I also found him on the Unscouted list. Just like WR4ITH, he makes great songs for a beginner. He excels in House music and did a couple collabs with W-in-K and one collab with Siamedes. I personally like the first song he uploaded, Tempest, but again, that's my opinion.

Shoutout 3:
My third and final shoutout (for now) goes to none other than AxE00. He never fails to make me smile with his songs. There isn't much to be said except for that I'm currently using a couple of his songs in GD. And uh...I kinda wish to make songs like him.

I highly suggest checking all of these people out. I will give links to all of these people at the very end. Thank you guys for reading this! I also plan on giving more shoutouts in the future, so look out for that.



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