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What the actual.

2017-05-23 17:13:28 by IMPKing6

I found a couple of levels in GD with the title being "FyrStorm" with one of my songs. So, that got me going. I asked myself, "I wonder if other people used my songs in their levels." And so I looked. I went through every single one of my songs and put it into the search, and there I found it: A bunch of levels with my songs in it. I...I am speechless. I am absolutely flattered from the amount of levels there are with my songs in them. Even though they aren't popular (which I wasn't expecting them to be), it's still heart warming to see that people would use my songs. All I have to say is: I hope this train stays on its tracks. (Meaning I wish I can keep this as a hobby, and possibly have it be a job.)

Also, I might be uploading a bunch of possible outros for my not-yet-made YouTube channel. I'm counting on you guys to pick the one you like the best.

- FyrStorm


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2017-05-23 17:15:11

What I mean by a bunch of possible outros is that its gonna be some cut songs in one file. Just making that clear.