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2017-04-09 11:21:03 by IMPKing6

Hey guys! I have another question for ya. What do you think would be a perfect collab song? Like, out of all the famous people on newgrounds, who do you want to see make a song together? I think Rukkus and dexarson would be a good one. OH! xKore and Xtrullor too. Man do I wanna see those two happen...too bad xKore stopped making music.


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2017-10-17 19:18:12

I know this is old, but xKore didn't stop making music. He just stopped posting on newgrounds. Nowadays he's a pretty huge producer and has been featured on firepower records and disciple as well with his bass house sideproject "Sonny Banks." His style is very different nowadays though and his last release under the name xKore was about a year ago.

IMPKing6 responds:

Well damn. Guess I need to research my stuff before I speak then. XD