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2017-02-24 23:32:43 by IMPKing6

If you couldn't tell, I hate sleep. Sleep only slows down my music making. Hell, it's 11:30 while I'm typing this in. Now, in my opinion, sleep can just rat it. What about you? What are your opinions on sleep? Do you like it or hate it?

I'm just curious. And sleep deprived...which is probably what led me to write this...

   - IMPKing6 (FyrStorm)


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2017-02-25 00:22:38

I work to the point where I commonly go unconscious soon after I get home. Yesterday, I remember throwing clothes into the washing machine shortly after four o'clock, then I found myself awake at eleven thirty and wondering how I ended up in my bed. Didn't do anything productive (or fun) that day, and I had to go right back into work at seven in the morning. Sleeping sucks, but forcing myself to stay awake has never done me any favors, either. Depriving myself of it just makes me worse at everything I'm trying to do, and sometimes I end up having to repeat things as a result of those silly mistakes.


2017-02-25 00:56:27

I usually average about 6 hours a night. I don't require a lot, but the health benefits of getting at least that amount of sleep make the loss of time very much worth it. Plus even if you get less time to work, you're more alive in that time and could, at least in my case, do better work. I mean, quality of quantity right?


2017-02-25 03:43:56

I've always been a night owl. However, I'm trying to become a super early morning person. Fall asleep early and get up early. You get way more done way faster.


2017-02-25 10:40:22

It will catch up eventually. I found that if I budget my time properly, I can get 8 hours of sleep and still be productive. Budgeting your time properly is tricky, though.